Share Skill Combo Atlantica

Bomb Attack :
Smoke Bomb + Imperial Signet
Smoke Bomb + Family Signet
Smoke Bomb + Royal Signet
Smoke Bomb + Tribal Signet

Destructive Wind :
Chaos Wind + Break Down

Bursting Beam :
Destructive Wind + Evanescent Scud

Dispel :
North Wind Aura + Viking's Sovereignty

Divine Slash :
Vortex + Light Slash

Enraged Beast's Soul :
Beast's Soul + War Cry

Hell Flame :
Dark Seed + Hex of Darkness

Mind Breaker :
Brutal Will + Mana Trap
Seth's Will + Mana Trap
Mana Trap + Brutal Will
Mana Trap + Seth's Will

Withered Body :
Accelerate + Wild Shot

Withered Mind :
Shout of Concentration + Mana Trap

By :Nekad

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